Warm Remembrance Project

The Warm Remembrance Project

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Donate Now ButtonThe Warm Remembrance Family Play Area project is a community effort to build a lasting memorial in Redwood Park in remembrance of the lives of John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves. Redwood Park was constructed the year Sabrina and John were born – 1962. When John began coming to the park in 1969, as part of the City of Davis summer program, there was a play structure there known as The Egg (picture below). It was the meeting place year round for neighborhood children, and when he attended the adjacent elementary school, The Egg was the first thing he saw as he headed for class each day. John ultimately grew up to become a summer program leader, and that is where he met his sweetheart, Sabrina.

Sabrina, welcomed by her sisters who were students at UC Davis, became a beloved member of the Davis community during the summer of 1978. She also became a leader in the summer program. She warmed the hearts of many children in this very same park with The (original) Egg still a prominent feature.

Sabrina and John are remembered by all who knew them, but especially by the children whose lives they enriched. Sabrina is fondly remembered for her devotion to others and endless compassion. John is lovingly remembered for his affable personality and the fun and games he brought to the playground each day.

This Warm Remembrance Family Play Area is being created to remember the joy and laughter Sabrina and John brought to so many. With generous community donations, the play area will include a number of features in their honor, including a New Egg – a symbol of rebirth and a promising, peaceful future.

The family, friends and the community which stretches far beyond Davis, whose lives were touched by John and Sabrina, and are greater for knowing them, invite you to be part of this effort. Please contribute to the Warm Remembrance Family Play Area project to help recreate for generations to come, the warmth and love that Sabrina and John created for so many.

How to donate and make a difference in our community!

Donate Now ButtonDonate Online: Go to www.sacregcf.org, and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the words “Donate Now” and choose your donation amount.
  2. At the drop-down arrow, click on “Davis Recreation & Community Services Program Fund.”
  3. In the "Additional Comments" box below, please write in "Warm Remembrance Family Play Area."
  4. Then, complete the billing information and you’re done!

Donate By Mail:  Please make checks payable to the “Davis Recreation & Community Services Program Fund”, include the purpose of the donation (Warm Remembrance Project) on the check and mail to either:

Yolo Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1264
Woodland, CA 95776


Sacramento Region Community Foundation
955 University Avenue, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95825

Note: Contributions of $1,000 or more can be recognized at the site on playground equipment or a bench, for example, or in signage. Contributors at this level will be contacted at a later date to determine their preference.

Contributions to the Recreation & Community Services Fund are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  The City of Davis encourages donors to consult with their legal or tax advisor before making a gift.

For more information about the Warm Remembrance project, call (530) 756-8119.

Community Giving

Our community has many outstanding facilities, programs and services available for local residents, but there is also much to be done to keep pace with ongoing needs.

Through a unique City partnership with the Yolo and Sacramento Region Community Foundations, you can now join other individuals, community organizations, and businesses in providing the financial support needed for a wide range of worthy causes such as parks and recreation facilities, adaptive recreation, community events, arts & culture, youth, and adult services.

When you donate to this community giving campaign, you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped your community become a better and stronger place for all. Your contribution is a long term investment that will not only help your neighbors and friends, but also preserve the richness of the community for many generations to come!

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