City Receives Grants for Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

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City of Davis Awarded $5.4 Million for Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Projects

December 12, 2013

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) awarded over $5.4 million to the City of Davis to fund five different transportation-related infrastructure projects, with a focus on projects that will improve the safety for cyclists, pedestrians and students throughout the community. “These projects, including those funding street maintenance, were selected by SACOG because of their emphasis on improving access and safety”, explained Brian Abbanat, city of Davis transportation planner.

The City submitted proposed projects using a “complete streets” philosophy, with emphasis on the projects’ proximity to schools. Complete Streets emphasizes street designs that provide safe and convenient travel for all segments of the population and for all modes of transportation.

The city’s active transportation coordinator, Dave “DK” Kemp stated, “The City of Davis is striving toward creating an integrated and seamless bikeway network comprised of both on and off street bicycle facilities. This diverse mix of ‘complete streets’ projects will improve bicycle access to schools locally while integrating bicycles with transit on a regional level.”

The projects include:

  • Third Street Improvements connecting city and campus from A Street to B Street ($1,900,000)
  • Regional Bike Share System with Sacramento and West Sacramento
  • L Street Safety [and access] Improvements ($1,386,000)
  • Mace Boulevard Safety [and access] Improvements ($1,912,000)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding and Data Collection Program ($192,000)
  • Bicycle Friendly Business Program ($15,000)

On the occasion of these grants, mayor Joe Krovoza stated: “Our success here is tremendous. We started planning for this important two-year cycle of funding over a year ago, and the results show. Thanks to great community planning by our staff, Bicycle Advisory Commission, and community groups, our success here is the best for Davis in at least a decade. We are deeply appreciative of SACOG and their recognition that the safety benefits these projects will support more exercise and clean transportation community-wide. Our bike network is fantastic most places, but does have difficult spots for some users. These grants will make huge stride.”

Councilmember Lucas Frerichs, who serves on the Executive Committee of the Regional Bike Share System also responded to the latest grant awards, “We've worked hard for decades to establish Davis as one of the nations most progressive bicycling communities, and the Regional Bike Share System is a next logical step in advancing our city's goals. I applaud SACOG's decision to commit funding to this project. Being a healthy and active community is also quite important to us, so the new Regional Bike Share System is a natural fit to expand sustainable transportation options for Davisites and visitors to our city.”

A synopsis of each project is described in further detail below:

Third Street Improvements (B Street to the UC Davis campus)
A community outreach process was completed in 2011 to redesign 3rd Street to better serve its primary users: pedestrians and bicyclists. Improvements focus on bicycle and pedestrian safety, dramatically improved aesthetics, creation of a university/city gateway, and undergrounded utilities to support mixed use on Third Street from B Street to the UC Davis campus. The $1,900,000 grant supplements earlier awarded funds to construct bicycle/pedestrian and streetscape improvements on the city-owned segment west of B Street. In an example of successful partnership, the City is coordinating with UC Davis on additional funding support to cover the unfunded improvements that extend onto campus.

Regional Bike Share Project (Davis, UC Davis, West Sacramento, Sacramento)
Sponsored by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, this $3,905,000 program will implement an interpretational regional bike share program in Davis, Sacramento and West Sacramento. Bike Share programs allow a user to pay a small fee to gain access to a fleet of bikes, which can be checked out and returned to multiple locations. For Davis, this program will initially host six stations within the city and four stations at UC Davis’ campus and provide the overall community with approximately seventy bicycles for short trips. This project is primarily designed to foster bicycle transportation between the downtown train station and the UC Davis campus; however, Davis users will also have access to bike share stations in both West Sacramento and Sacramento.

L Street Improvements (Claremont Dr. to 8th Street)
The L Street project will rehabilitate L Street, where the pavement is in need of repair. This rehabilitation will include complete streets improvements to make the corridor more accessible and safer for all modes of transportation, including cyclists and pedestrians. Bike lanes will be improved, ADA compliant ramps will be installed, and bicycle and pedestrian access will improve the connectivity to Covell Boulevard.

Mace Boulevard Complete Street Project (Cowell Blvd. to Redbud Dr.)
The Mace Boulevard project will increase bicycling and walking and reconstruct pavement in the project area. Changes include transformation from four vehicular travel lanes to two, rehabilitation of the pavement, addition of buffered bicycle lanes and a two-way buffered cycle track, improvements to the Mace and Cowell intersection for pedestrians and cyclists, and installation of a bicycle/pedestrian traffic signal at Mace Boulevard and San Marino Drive.

City-wide Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding and Data Collection Program
This project will implement a bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding system to assist residents and visitors in locating important destinations from bike paths and streets in Davis . This is particularly helpful in Davis, where the high number of college students move into and around town each year, often unaware of the bicycle network as part of the overall transportation system. This project also includes the installation of permanent and temporary automated bicycle and pedestrian counters at strategic locations throughout Davis to help city officials gauge bicycling levels, measure the efficacy of new facilities, and determine areas of the city that need improvements.

Bicycle Friendly Business Program
The $15,000 Transportation Demand Management award will allow the City of Davis to work with local businesses to assist with the application process for the League of American Bicyclist Bicycle Friendly Business designation, with a goal of getting 50 businesses to earn this designation. One of the goals of this program is to increase employees bicycling to work and to integrate regional transit options as a preferred commute choice. Currently only the City of Davis and UC Davis are designated as Bicycle Friendly Businesses by the League.

For more information, contact Brian Abbanat, Transportation Planner, City of Davis, at or 530-757-5610. Or, Dave ‘DK” Kemp, Active Transportation Coordinator at or 530-757-5669.

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