City Clerk

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Coordinate the administrative activities of the City Council and all other legislative efforts. Maintain and amend the Municipal Code. Coordinate activity of advisory boards and commissions. Administer the city’s records management and retention system. Serve as the local Elections Official and coordinate municipal elections.

  • Prepare Council Agendas and Minutes
  • Assist Citizens with Inquiries
  • Maintain Official and Historical Records for City
  • Coordinate, Recruit and Train Commissions
  • Implement Brown Act and Political Reform Act
  • Undertake Research for Council
  • Act as Local Elections Official
  • Oversee Municipal Code
  • Advocate for an open and fair political process.
  • Apply to Serve on a City Commission!

    By serving on a City commission, you can participate in local government and help plan the future of Davis. Commissions serve as a conduit for citizen input – a way of gathering, analyzing and … more

    Requires Update: No

  • Elections

    The City Clerk serves as the local Elections Official and coordinates municipal elections.

    Previous Elections:

    General Municipal and Special Election – June 3, 2014

    All Mail Ballot … more

    Requires Update: No

Requires Update: No